Your partner for your temporary ice rink!

A mobile ice rink on the market square, in front of your shopping center or as an eye-catcher for your event: it remains a guarantee for attracting visitors, generating turnover, but above all, it provides a lot of fun for the whole family!
Wherever, whenever and in whatever form, winter or summer: from the idea to the concept to the practical implementation: you can come to us.
Our aluminium ice rink system is one of the most efficient and energy-efficient on the market in terms of both design and material.
In addition to the ice rink, we offer a wide range of accessories and options to accompany you to a carefree event.

Curious what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us!


Our high quality skates with adjustable clips guarantee a comfortable skating time for the little ones with size 25 as well as for the big ones with size 50. And for the first steps on the ice, we have adjustable double slide irons that fit around every shoe. All skates come sharpened in a division according to your wishes. Feel free to ask our advice, because of our years of experience we have a perfect view on the necessary skates for every target audience.

Skate rental

The skate rental is the reception area to welcome your skaters. To furnish them attractively, you can contact us for skate cabinets in various sizes, counters, benches, tables, grass carpet, rubber mats, ... in short, everything to guarantee a smooth flow. And to keep it safe, now in times of Corona, we also have plexi screens in different configurations.

Ice maintenance

In order to keep the ice smooth, it is essential to remove the ice scraps from the rink. We supply manual ice scrapers as standard, but this can also be done mechanically with one of our brushing machines (petrol powered) or Zamboni's; the latter scrape the ice, catch the ice scraps and lay a wafer-thin layer of water on the ice rink: all in one movement!
However, nobody is waiting for a pile of ice scraps on the market square. That's why we can also provide melting pits to melt the ice scraps in a controlled way.

Skate aids

To make skating even more fun, we have developed two different skating aids. Our penguin has been specially developed to teach children how to skate. They provide the necessary support to take their first steps on the ice. Our unique banana is a two-seater. Two children can sit on it while mum or dad skates them around.
To promote safety, we have also included helmets in our range!


How about a game of curling? Ideal for a teambuilding or maybe you would like to organise a real curling tournament. You can come to us for both the curling circles and the curling stones. Fun guaranteed!

Collector cover

We also offer the option of hiding the distribution tubes nicely under a wooden or metal container. No more cooling pipes visible outside the ice rink! And it can also be used as a bench.

Light and decoration

Would you like to make your entire event even more attractive? How about a large illuminated deer or a giant Christmas cone? Or maybe a light curtain around the ice rink or a true light sky? We have various ornaments and types of Christmas lights for rent. Because more lights and decoration = more atmosphere!