Real ice, the guarantee for optimal skating fun, with respect for the environment!

Real ice and environmental friendliness, yes they go hand in hand! Making ice requires a lot of energy. That is why Satellite Ice Benelux is constantly looking for improvements and alternatives. Because there is no alternative to real ice with an acceptable skating experience, we focus our full attention on reducing the energy burden. Together with the customer, we discuss all possibilities in terms of implantation, power consumption, insulation, heat recovery, compensation, etc.

  Our system

'A good start is half way to success' - because everything starts with a good start, we have developed a system that takes maximum account of the laws of nature: the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, the diameter of our tubes for an optimal flow, the limited use of rubber (read insulating) connections, an optimal water / coolant concentration, limited ice thickness, ...


By consistently opting for high-quality products that will last for many years and through meticulous maintenance and optimal storage, more than 95% of the material of our ice rink is reused. In addition, we only work with recyclable products so that they can be used a second time after their life cycle with us.


Despite our operational efforts to use as few resources as possible through the reuse of rainwater, the installation of solar panels and the development of energy-efficient methods, there is still an impact on the environment. In collaboration with the non-profit association Bos+, the CO2 impact is fully compensated by Satellite Ice Benelux. In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to calculate and also compensate their CO2 emissions.