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Banana skate-aid duo seater is newestthrill on ice rinks.

Badboot Antwerp: biggest floating ice rink on top of a swimming pool on a boat!

Ice Rink Canary Wharf: London's first ever skate path!

Satellite constructs the first aluminium skate path in the UK in the financial hart of the world, at Canary Wharf, London!!
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Satellite Ice delivers the ice rinks again for ITV DANCING ON ICE The Tour 2012 with Torville and Dean!!

Satellite Ice supplies for the fifth time temporary ice rinks for "Dancing on ice: the tour" in the U.K.

Satellite Ice becomes a carbon dioxide neutral company, thanks to the installation of a 70.000 Kwh solar panel plant on its roof. In that way we also help a little to make our planet greener!!

Satellite Ice obtains the world famous CHAS accreditation : "Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme", as first temporary ice rink builder in Europe!!

Satellite Ice provides the City of Kortrijk in Belgium with this beautiful ice glide!! Contact us for more information about ice-slides.

Ice rink at 28░C revitalises kids of Ostend.

Scoop: Open fire in the middle of an ice rink.

Taiwan chooses belgian quality.
Satellite Ice
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8400 Oostende

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